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About CAEO

Welcome to the website of CAEO Québec!

We are a charitable volunteer organization founded in 1976 originally operating under the name of GAY LINE. Since then, the organization has grown to reflect the needs of the Québec English-Speaking LGBTQ Community and to take on a new identity. Our mission is to combat homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and heterosexism. We strive for equal status and equal opportunity within our society and aim to eliminate intolerance and achieve real acceptance.

CAEO Québec currently operates two community programs that help us achieve our objectives. These programs are listed as follows:

  • GAY LINE a free and confidential listening, referral and support telephone service for the community. Currently under transformation into a web-based resource site.
  • SILK, (Sexual Information Leads to Knowledge) is an initiative aiming to increase the awareness and knowledge of targeted groups, such as students and seniors with respect to sexual health, sexual and gender orientations, and diversity through free workshops.

CAEO Québec moves into the future with confidence and pride of having been an integral part of the English-Speaking LGBTQ Community in our province.
-CAEO Québec



Kimberly Wong, SILK Director                       kimberly.wong@caeoquebec.org
Axel Feliot, Gay Line Director                         axel.feliot@caeoquebec.org
Kelley Rojas, Administrative Director          kelley.rojas@caeoquebec.org
Diane Wilson, Finance Director                      diane.wilson@caeoquebec.org
Vanessa Zylberberg, Web Director                vanessa.zylberberg@caeoquebec.org


Nick Frate, CAEO Founder

Information                                            info@caeoquebec.org




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