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In the News: CAEO President Speaks About Quebec Anti-Homophobia Campaign

This March, our president, Erika Jahn appeared on CTV News to discuss the Quebec government’s campaign against homophobia.

In their first public awareness raising campaign, the Quebec government produced brief media ads. These 30 second clips present everyday scenarios; however, the endings may leave some viewers thinking just a little differently about sexual diversity. A run-down of the governmental plan and the full-length video ads can be found on the government’s site: Québec’s Campaign Against Homophobia

Are you curious about how comfortable you are with the LGBTQ community? Follow this link to explore how open you really are: Are you open?

You can watch the full interview with Erika here: CTV Interview


What do you think of this campaign? What would you like to see in an anti-homophobia plan such as this? Leave a comment below!

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