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Recruiting CAEO Directors


CAEO Quebec is currently searching for Directors in Communications and Fundraising.


Communications Director will:
  • Update and maintain our website, social media outlets and required technologies to fulfill the aims presented in Article 1 of the Charter
  • Establish links with businesses, media outlets, and community organisations
  • Prepare the quarterly newsletter with the help of the Administrative Director and Program Directors
  • Develop an annual media and publicity strategy designed to increase awareness of CAEO’s services
  • Be available to represent CAEO at press conferences, events and meetings
  • Incorporate and maintain social media outlets and required technologies to fulfill the aims presented in Article 1 of the Charter
  • Manage the annual budget attributed to run all of the publicity campaigns


  • Excellent written and oral communication in English & French
  • Experience in non-profit and/or collective teams
  • Experience in a PR / communications position
  • Experience with Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc…)
  • Strong interpersonal and networking skills
  • Public and media relations as well advocacy experience
  • Familiarity with Montreal non-profit sector and media
  • Computer knowledge (WordPress, Mailchimp, Joomla, Microsoft Office etc…)


  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma in Communications or writing
  • Experience working with or on an Executive Team
  • Strong familiarity with LGBTQ issues
  • Strong professional and social networks

Fundraising Director will:

  • Develop fundraising strategies; implementing all fundraising activities and events
  • Ensure that our fundraising strategies and practices fulfill the aims presented in Article 1 of the Charter
  • Advise and assist the Program Directors in devising and implementing fundraising strategies for their programs and specific projects
  • Apply for grants from various funding resources (federal, provincial, private)
  • Ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is maintained on all submissions, grant-funded projects and donors in relevant databases and filing systems
  • Encourage volunteers to participate in temporary committees in order to facilitate the organisation of such events
  • Contribute to CAEO’s strategic and annual planning processes having ownership of the fundraising part of the overall process
  • Develop and deepen existing donor relationships, ensuring that the organisation maintains effective communications and good relations with our donor partners
  • Work closely with the Communications Director, the Executive Team and partners to increase our profile and enhance our reputation within the donor community
  • Be available to represent the organisation at meetings with donors and external events
  • Be responsible for the fundraising budget
  • Keep the fundraising section of our website up to date


  • Excellent English verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal, networking and relationship building skills
  • Computer knowledge (Microsoft Office, setting up online donation accounts through PayPal or other avenues)
  • Fundraising experience within the charity sector
  • Experience writing grants and proposals
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Knowledge of donors that support work in our sector (both LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ)
  • Knowledge of program design, monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • Experience of budgeting and managing resources.
  • Bachelor’s degree or experience relevant to the position
  • Experience working with or on an Executive Team
  • Strong familiarity with LGBTQ issues
  • Strong professional and social networks
  • Creativity, flexibility, and innovativeness.

All candidates will be required to complete a probationary period before being appointed to a Director position.  If you are interested, please send an e-mail to Kelley, our Administrative Director, and CC Kim (kelley.rojas@caeoquebec.org and kimberly.wong@caeoquebec.org)


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Volunteer Training Fall 2013

If you are interested in getting involved with CAEO through one of our programs, please email a letter of intent and a CV to kelley.rojas@caeoquebec.org

Positions we are looking for include:

-Gay Line Resource Update Volunteers and Bloggers

  • You’ll be contributing to our website by posting articles or researching topics relevant to the LGBTQ and Allied communities
  • Great experience for Communications students!

-SILK Facilitators (Sexual Information Leads to Knowledge)

  • In teams of three, you’ll be representing CAEO within English secondary schools in Montreal 
  • Workshops revolve around promoting tolerance through education and discussing methods to reduce bullying


  • Working independently for a large part of the time, you will identify fundraising methods to help support CAEO’s mission
  • You will also be assisting the executive board by researching and writing grant applications
  • Some fundraising experience would be an asset
  • Ideal for Finance students

Please forward any questions to: kelley.rojas@caeoquebec.org



Interested individuals should note that interviews will begin in Mid-October. All applications should be received by October 16th for consideration.

**Please note that we are no longer considering applications for the November 2013 training. Any applications received will be considered for future trainings. Thank you! 

Training for New Volunteers

New Volunteer training will take place in the first two weekends of November.


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Gay Line 2.0



Get ready, a new and improved Gay Line is coming to a screen near you! CAEO members have been brainstorming, collaborating and planning a unique and interactive site.


This future Gay Line site will be home to countless resources for the LGBTQ community. New in town and want to know where to find an inclusive business? Look no further, Gay Line will incorporate details of organizations, services and businesses into a one-stop shop for a Montrealer’s needs. Our goal is to connect you with services by and for the LGBTQ community.


Stay tuned for the exciting launch of this remarkable site!

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