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In The News: “Opening Up About Coming Out” in The Montreal Mirror

Our SILK program made the news this fall in a great article in The Montreal Mirror about how our volunteers share their coming out stories in order to combat homophobia and bullying in Montreal schools.

A snippet of the article by Heather Robb:

Here in Montreal, the Canadian Association for Education and Outreach in Quebec (CAEO), a volunteer LGBT support organization, has taken a hands-on approach to the problem of homphobia in high school. The organization, which has run the anglophone LGBT community hotline Gay Line for 25 years, has since 2008 also been running a program called SILK (Sexual Information Leads to Knowledge), where volunteers go into schools and chat with kids about queer issues in the hopes of fostering tolerance.

The plat principale of the SILK workshops, according to Erika Jahn, president of CAEO, is the coming out story. “There are usually two or three of us, and we each tell our personal story. We basically try to humanize the issue for them by sharing our experiences. If you don’t know anyone who’s gay and then you get three people telling you some of the most intimate details of their lives — things they may not even share with their friends — it can be quite moving.”

CAEO President Erika Jahn/Photo by Michael Beaulieu.

Read the article here.

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