Interested in volunteering?  We’re looking for passionate and committed individuals who are a part of or allied with the English-speaking LGBTQ+ community to join our diverse team!

Why volunteer?

  • Make a difference in the lives of queer and trans youth
  • Experience personal growth/satisfaction
  • Connect with a good cause
  • Be a part of something positive for the community
  • Instill a value of giving/caring
  • Gain marketable, job-related skills
  • Have fun, meet new people, network

To volunteer with the SILK program, all volunteers are required to fulfill a comprehensive weekend training course on workshop management and facilitation.  We value diversity and encourage members of traditionally underrepresented groups to volunteer.

The next training is scheduled for the Fall 2022.  To apply, please submit a resume to  Eligible candidates will be asked to meet for an interview with the CAEO Exec and a pre-interview questionnaire will be sent out during your interview booking process.

*Please note that all volunteers are required to pass a background check and will be asked to submit an application to the SPVM during training. There are no fees related to this process.

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